Wedding Planning Update 2.0 + Tips!

Hi & welcome back to another wedding update post! My last update was in October & in the last 3 months I’ve gotten so much done so prepare yourself for a good but long post! If you’ve been following my ‘gram, you know I finally got to see my venue over Christmas & meet my wedding coordinator & it did not disappoint. I was a … Continue reading Wedding Planning Update 2.0 + Tips!

How I proposed to my MOH & bridesmaids!

Hello! Been a minute since I’ve been on the blog, life gets busy! I’m making this one short & sweet with how I proposed to my maid of honor & my bridesmaids. I’ll provide links to everything so you guys can use the same idea if you ever need it. I loved these ideas because they were cute, affordable & personal! Now let’s get to … Continue reading How I proposed to my MOH & bridesmaids!

Wedding Planning Update!

Helloooo. Welcome back to another blog post! I have a feeling that these may become my favorites to write over my recipe posts. I thought it would be fun to update you guys via the blog on alll things wedding. I’ve been asked a ton lately on where we’re at in the planning process so I’ll be sharing deets as we plan things out. We were … Continue reading Wedding Planning Update!