Non-Toxic Living: Deodorant Edition

Hi everyone & happy Thursday! You guys know that I love finding healthier alternatives to our every day products. I’m always interested in finding ways to reduce my body burden (the amount of toxic chemicals stored within our body due to the constant exposure through food/every day use of products). This week we’re chatting about antiperspirants & deodorants. Antiperspirants vs Deodorants  Antiperspirants contain ingredients, typically … Continue reading Non-Toxic Living: Deodorant Edition

Non Toxic Living: Sunscreen Edition

Summer is approaching & I love finding & using products that don’t harm my health or the environment. Everyone uses sunscreen (or at least you should. In this study ¬†done by Mayo Clinic, skin cancer rates have risen from 145% to 263% from 2000 to 2010)¬†& you can find it everywhere.. grocery stores, pharmacies, Amazon, but have you ever looked into what’s actually in your … Continue reading Non Toxic Living: Sunscreen Edition