Wedding Planning Update 2.0 + Tips!

Hi & welcome back to another wedding update post! My last update was in October & in the last 3 months I’ve gotten so much done so prepare yourself for a good but long post! If you’ve been following my ‘gram, you know I finally got to see my venue over Christmas & meet my wedding coordinator & it did not disappoint. I was a … Continue reading Wedding Planning Update 2.0 + Tips!

How To Keep Stress Minimal

Hi & Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2020 & also can’t believe I’m going to be a¬†wife this year! Crazy! So many of you are getting married in 2020 & it’s cool to do this whole wedding planning thing along with others! I feel like I’ve kept my stress minimal & wanted to share with you tips that have helped me to ensure … Continue reading How To Keep Stress Minimal

Winter Oat Bowl

Goooood morning! Currently am in bed, on a Sunday, snowed in.. like it’s been snowing since 9PM.. FRIDAY. Haha Minnesota winters are no joke! I’m not looking forward to shoveling my car out when it’s done. Anyway, I was planning to do “Smoothie Bowl Sundays” on my Instagram weekly but honestly, I decided to switch it this week to an Oat Bowl Sunday because BRR. … Continue reading Winter Oat Bowl

How I proposed to my MOH & bridesmaids!

Hello! Been a minute since I’ve been on the blog, life gets busy! I’m making this one short & sweet with how I proposed to my maid of honor & my bridesmaids. I’ll provide links to everything so you guys can use the same idea if you ever need it. I loved these ideas because they were cute, affordable & personal! Now let’s get to … Continue reading How I proposed to my MOH & bridesmaids!

How I Meal Prepped This Week

Hiiii Happy Tuesday & welcome back to another post. I’m going to keep this one short & sweet with 2 crockpot recipes that are saving my life. I used to meal prep all the time in college when I first got into fitness, I’m talkin’ chicken, rice & broccoli. Lunch and dinner. Gross right? RIGHT. But we’re better now. I stopped meal prepping for the … Continue reading How I Meal Prepped This Week

Fall Favorites!

October is my favorite month out of the year, I’m here for pumpkin everything, apple cider, the pretty leaves, cute boots & sweaters, all of it! So I’m bringing you my fall favorites! I’ll be linking items in case there’s anything you guys want to snag for yourself. First things first… food. Always. —————————— Cinnamon Apple Cider Jelly My favorite jelly. I love mixing this … Continue reading Fall Favorites!