25 Days of Christmas Oil Blends

Hellooo & welcome back to another post!I was so so excited for this one, mainly because I love Christmas, but I’m also low key obsessed with my essential oils lolll.Diffusing different blends & figuring out what scents I liked diffused together was fun for me. Over a year ago, I ditched candles & started using essential oils instead, you can read more about that here: … Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas Oil Blends

Non Toxic Living: Candle Edition

My favorite time of the year is fall through winter. I love staying in with the fire place on, hot chocolate, the Christmas tree lit & fresh snow outside. Candles have always added to my “cozy” vibe in the way they remind me of the holidays. When September rolled around every year, I would stock up on everything apple, pumpkin & anything that smelled like … Continue reading Non Toxic Living: Candle Edition

What I Meal Prepped This Week!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all have prepared for an amazing week! I thought it would be fun to share what I meal prepped for this week, I usually don’t meal prep as I get bored easily (lol), but I’ve been pretty busy with wedding planning (75 days away now!), working full time, working on other projects & trying to take care of myself too. … Continue reading What I Meal Prepped This Week!