Simple Shrimp Zoodle Alfredo

Hello! I’m finally back after a few months. We had so much going on with moving, having to move again, staying with Brian’s grandparents, my new promotion at my full time job, traveling, my engagement, whew! It was a lot in a short amount of time! I’m happy to be back with so many ideas for this fall!
I thought I would kick things off with what I love posting the most.. recipes! This one took about twenty minutes, is yummy & heats up well the next day, enjoy!

Simple Shrimp Zoodle Alfredo

1lb uncooked shrimp peeled & deveined
4 zucchini spiraled (you can actually buy these pre spiraled, otherwise I bought my spiralizer at Target)
1 bag spinach
1/2 c cherry tomatoes sliced
5 garlic cloves minced (you can use less, I just looove lots of garlic!)
3/4c Alfredo sauce of choice
Take & Bake bread (I use Archer Farms Garlic Parm but there will be other options in your grocery store’s bakery section!)
Desired amount of salt + pepper
1 tbsp olive oil or butter (I used butter!)


1.) Preheat oven to 350º

2.) Spiral your zucchini, mince your garlic & chop your tomatoes!

3.) Heat 1 tbsp olive oil or butter in a skillet pan over medium heat

4.) Once your pan is heated, add your shrimp, garlic, salt & pepper
(Put your bread in the oven if it’s heated already!) Stir occasionally.

5.) Add spiraled zucchini to skillet pan heated over medium heat. Make sure you dab your zucchini well with a paper towel/clean dish towel before cooking. Zucchini hold a lot of water & if you don’t dab it dry, you’ll get a lot of drained water in your skillet pan. I also advise that you don’t add oil/butter when cooking your zucchini for that reason. I’ve found it makes the zoodles more soggy!

6.) After cooking your zucchini for 5 minutes, add your spinach. Your zucchini will take longer than it takes your spinach to wilt 🙂

7.) Your shrimp are done when they have shrunk & are white/translucent, zucchini is done when it is soft, about 10-15 minutes total cooking time.

7.) Add your shrimp to your pan with zucchini & spinach, add your tomatoes, then stir in your Alfredo sauce! Go ahead & use more or less!

8) Serve with your garlic bread & a salad on the side! I love using Caesar salad kits found in the produce section of my grocery store. Feel free to top your zoodles with some fresh parm. Enjoy!


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