My Experience with Will Power Training

Hello! Welcome back to another blog post!
If you’ve been following my Instagram (@fitblondeandfabulous) you know that I spent some time training with Madeline from Will Power Training.
I truly needed someone to hold me accountable after jet lag from traveling to Hawaii, getting sick, moving etc. It was hard to get back into the swing of things! I not only wanted a trainer for myself but also wanted to be able to do a review for you guys. If any of you remember, recently an instagram famous “trainer” made national news for giving girls cookie cutter fitness plans claiming they were “personalized” along with the same macros/nutritional that she wasn’t qualified to give out. It ended with dangerous results for some of them & because of that I thought it would be helpful to do a review on different online personal trainers! I’m not sure how often I’ll do this but it’s something I wish more people did! It can be scary how easily people trust anyone online without researching their background. More followers does not equal quality!

To give you some comfort: 
Will Power Training was launched in 2018 by Dev Wilmott & Madeline Smith. Both have received a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology & Health from Iowa State University along with a certification in personal training from the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Together these two have built an amazing company, helping clients reach their goals of building muscle, losing fat, recovery after sports injury & even bettering military performance. You can read more about the staff & what they do here.

Recently, Will Power Training launched their fitness app to make training clients more accessible, affordable & to help them better communicate & meet their client’s needs. Online training is huge these days & they truly won me over with this app. Every workout was perfectly laid out in the calendar & I was able to click on my workout for the day & “track” it. This was how Madeline was able to see how much weight I used, how many sets/reps I did of each workout & whether or not I completed it at all.. which truly held me accountable! To make things even easier, each workout has a video next to it that gives a very detailed explanation of how to complete each move withScreen Shot 2019-05-23 at 8.09.22 PM proper form, stretching included. Turned out, I was actually doing my hip flexor stretch wrong, haha.

Other things I loved in the app was my ability to record my weight, body measurements & upload progress photos all in one spot so it was easy to go back & update them/look at them over time. Through the app I was also able to message Madeline if I wanted to make a change to my program or to let her know if I needed anything!
Every Sunday, I received a “check in” message where she wanted to go over how I was feeling, how my workouts were going, if I needed anything changed in my program or just needed some motivation! Being able to communicate directly & easily is what held me accountable the most, in my opinion (pictured)

Set Up Process

The process of setting up training with Madeline was pretty easy. Once I made the decision to work with her, I received an email with a link to a questionnaire. The questions were about my current workout plan, what my goals are, what my previous injuries have been, how well I’m taking care of myself outside of the gym, any medications I’m on etc. We went through how much time I have to workout & how many days I can dedicate to the gym as well as what equipment I had access to. It took about 15 minutes to fill out. As soon as that was set up, Madeline was able to create my workout plan based upon my goals & upload it into the app.
Then I was ready to get my workout on!

Completing the Workouts
Finding the workouts & completing them in the app was a pretty simple process. All I needed to do was click on my calendar & I would see my 5 days of workouts laid out for me! I would just click on the specific day & be able to read a detailed explanation of the workout I was about to do (pictured above) then I would click “track” and be able to go through them easily. If you click on the little clock in the lower right corner, your workout will be timed so you have efficient rest time between sets. I found this the most helpful because I’m often distracted by my phone and will stop to text or change a song, etc. This helped me keep going & to focus only on my workout.

I felt very supported & encouraged through the entire process. Madeline really held me accountable with my workouts as well as my diet. She often was asking how I’m doing with my nutrition & if I needed any meal ideas, which I found helpful as well. My nutrition is what I struggle with the most when getting back into the swing of things! I truly enjoyed my time with Madeline & Will Power Training!

If you have ever considered an online personal trainer, I recommend Madeline or Dev. Both are qualified, knowledgable, helpful & truly made me feel like my progress mattered!

Will Power Training is offering a 5% off discount to anyone who wants to train with them for one month! Perfect as we’re heading into summer & need someone to help hold us accountable with drinks, BBQ & ‘smores surrounding us 😉
You can book a FREE consultation by clicking here.
Just mention my name (Molly) & you’ll receive your discount!


*This collaboration was not a paid partnership*

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