The Supplements I use for Fat Loss & Health!

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Hi! Welcome back to another post! If you’ve been following my ‘gram (@fitblondeandfabulous), you know I fell off the wagon a bit with jet lag, getting sick then moving so I’m currently working with a personal trainer from Will Power Training. She’s holding me accountable through an app which is SO COOL. I can see a calendar with all of my workouts & I have to “check in” & let her know how many sets/reps I did of each exercise ect. I’ll be doing a full review of my experience with them soon. In the meantime, I’m going to show you guys my supplement haul & everything I’m taking for my fat loss goals! I’m going to go through them & explain why I’m taking each one!

I use 1st Phorm because I trust that every ingredient that is on the label is exactly what I’m getting! Each supplement is made in an FDA inspected facility, meaning that legally they can’t put chemicals/filler into their supplements & NOT put it on the label. So everything you get is the best & highest quality! Their powders are also low temperature processed, meaning that they are cooked at a low temperature over a longer amount of time. This process takes longer & is more costly but worth it as you get more product for you money. Because protein powder, greens powder, BCAAs etc are a high demand, 90% of companies will high temperature process their powders, meaning that they’re cooked at a higher temperature so not only is it cheaper for the company, you get LESS product in a short amount of time. Because of the lower amount of product, this is where companies will put chemicals/filler into their products to “bulk” them up. Unless stated otherwise, these companies can legally do so & not tell you if they’re not created in an FDA inspected facility. A product is also not low temperature process unless stated on your tub/container. This is why some people get bloated/have stomach aches after having certain brands of protein/powders. A high quality whey protein should NOT bug your stomach! It’s almost scary to think about but with 1st Phorm you know you’re getting the best!
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Opt-greens 50
Helps reduce bloating & prevents it though digestive enzymes & probiotics, floods your body with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals from fruits & veggies (11 servings of them!), gives you an energy & immunity boost. This supplements helps your body better digest & absorb nutrients through your food so your body is getting the most out of your nutrition! I love putting this in smoothies for breakfast or having it with 8oz cold water.
1 tub lasts me 1 month.

Post Workout Stack
Helps you get the most out of your recovery! The post workout stack contains Phormula-1 (whey isolate protein) & Ignition (dexanhydrous glucose). Together these two work simultaneously to help replenish glycogen stores lost during your workout & to use all of the protein to repair muscles! If you’re only having protein post workout, your body will try & convert some into glucose first because your body’s first desire to replenish glycogen, meaning you’re not truly getting all 20+g of protein that you think you are! With the post workout stack, it helps your body begin the repair process immediately.
Can’t I just get the same results with a banana & a whey isolate? 
Nope! Because when you have a banana or even table sugar (I’ve been asked before if table sugar can just be added to the protein!), it still has to go through the digestive process & other sugars like fructose/sucrose etc will be processed in the liver first THEN be used to replenish glycogen THEN the protein will be used for muscle repair. By the time this process is complete, more than 30 minutes will have passed & your muscles won’t be as readily available to absorb the nutrients. Because of the type of glucose Ignition is (dexanhydrous), it has the power to bypass the liver & get the protein straight to your muscles! It’s the only post workout stack that cannot be replaced by Whole Foods. So cool right? You’ll 100% be able to tell a difference! My favorite flavor is Loop D Fruit! Tastes like Froot Loops 🙂
Phormula-1 lasts me 2 months, Ignition lasts me 3 months.

Level – 1 Protein
This protein is unlike Phormula-1 & not meant as a post workout. This is a meal replacement protein & will keep you fuller for longer! Level -1 is slower digesting, cooks well & makes smoothies thick & fluffy! I love making mug cakes, pancakes, waffles, muffins, oats, smoothie bowls or just having it with water! It even tastes great with 1/3 scoop stirred into your coffee. There are studies that show that women who have at least 15g of protein with every meal are kept in an anabolic state (fat burning). I love starting my morning with Level-1 because when we’re sleeping we go 8+ hours without food & wake up in a catabolic state (fat storing) & by starting your day with protein, you kick your metabolism into gear & your body into an anabolic state! You can absolutely be put into an anabolic state with eggs in the morning as well but if you’re not a fan of having animal protein often (me!) protein powder can be helpful. I love having 1-2 scoops every day, especially during the work week, I’ll have it as a snack between lunch & dinner with some berries! My favorite flavors are Caramel Latte & Ice Cream Sandwich!
1 tub lasts me 2.5-3 months.

Megawatt is 1st Phorm’s preworkout! This preworkout not only helps with energy to power through your workout but helps improve mental focus & muscular endurance! Megawatt also contains creatine which will increase muscle strength. I’ve taken other preworkouts with creatine & always got bloated. I used to blame it on the creatine (dumb haha) but I found out that the brand I was using contained hidden filler & chemicals. Like I said above, 1st Phorm makes their products in an FDA inspected facility so legally they can’t put chemicals & filler into them! What’s on the label is exactly what you get. Along with creatine, in megawatt you also get the benefits of reduced lactic acid build up, increased blood flow to the muscles & better nutrient absorption to the muscles! The best flavors are: Cotton Candy, Rocket Pop & Miami Vice!
1 tub lasts me 4-6 months.

BCAA = Branched Chained Amino Acids: 3 of the essential amino acids our body needs to operate: Leucine, Isoleucine, & Valine. These 3 help to increase muscle protein synthesis, increase muscle growth & help to decrease muscle fatigue. BCAAs also work as anabolic agents to maximize fat loss & minimize muscle loss. If you love doing fasted workouts, they can prevent your body from going into a catabolic state, meaning that you’re burning muscle & storing fat rather than building muscle & burning fat (anabolic state). •
I love having a scoop with 10-16oz of cold water during my workout. I find that i can train more intensely for longer periods when i take it compared to when i don’t! I personally love the lemonade flavor, it reminds me of those frozen Minute Maid cans of lemonade that you could (or maybe still can!) get in the frozen section at your grocery store (90s kids will know) only with no added sugar or chemicals that was put into those haha. Another great flavor is Apple Juice!
1 tub lasts me 3-4 months.

Full Mega is 1st Phorm’s omega-3 supplement. It contains the highest ratio of EPA/DHA on the market! Omega-3s help not only brighten up your skin & make your hair shinier, but lowers inflammation in the brain & body & can help reduce blood pressure & “bad” cholesterol. Because omega-3s lower inflammation in the brain, it can help lower coritol & depressive symptoms. I personally have experienced lowered depressive symptoms & lowered anxious symptoms as well. The American diet contains a low amount of anti inflammatory foods as people eat more processed, more meat & more dairy than ever! Adding in Full-Mega will help reduce some of that inflammation that we get from our diet.
1 container lasts me 5 months.

That’s all I have for you guys! I hope you found this helpful & you learned a little bit on how supplements not only affect your goals but your general health! I’m excited to share my results with you guys when I’m done training with Will Power Training. If you shop for a supplement through any link of mine, you receive free 2 day shipping! If you’ve always wanted to try a product & aren’t sure if you’ll enjoy the flavor, you can return it for 110% money back guarantee so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money if you want a different flavor of protein or want to return your product all together!


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