What I Pack For A Week In Hawaii!

Aloha & welcome back to another blog post!
We leave for Hawaii TOMORROW & I’m more than excited! We’re staying at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa. I’ll be doing a review over the resort so stay tuned for that! We’re getting up at 3:30AM to head to the airport since we have the first flight out, the lack of sleep will be 100% worth it!

A handful of times I’ve been asked what I pack for cruises & other vacations so I thought it would be fun to post about what I pack for Hawaii! What I pack for a resort in Hawaii is a bit different than a cruise or other vacations. What sets Hawaii apart is really that you don’t need much. I feel like when I pack for a cruise I’m thinking of all of the little things because you’re stuck.. on a boat.. in the middle of the ocean. Basically it’s pretty easy to over pack for a cruise. I’m ONLY a carry on gal. I hate checking a bag, it truly gives me anxiety (eye roll). I just worry my stuff is going to get lost. When we went on our cruise in December, we spent some time at a resort beforehand so I packed for 10 days in my bitty carry on, my friends thought I was crazy, but I always make it work!

For Hawaii, there are certain things I’ll pack that I won’t for other vacations, like reusable straws (reducing your plastic is huge in general, but on an island, it’s even bigger) or a sunscreen that won’t hurt the reef (certain ingredients actually KILL reef, but more on that in a bit).

Tips for Packing for Hawaii

-Pack as light as you can! You’re most likely going to be on the beach in swimwear & wearing shorts, t-shirts & dresses the whole time, so it’s easy to pack light! Resorts have little convenience stores with toothpaste, face wash, etc if you forget something anyway! The travel section at Target has totes with TSA approved shampoo, conditioner, spray, face wash bottles that you just fill up with your own stuff & throw in your bag!

-Research your resort restaurants & the restaurants in the surrounding areas: 
Will you need fancier outfits?
Are most restaurants casual?
We looked up where we wanted to go & made reservations ahead of time (which I recommend for everyone to do)! Luckily, on our resort website, it states the dress code for each restaurant! You can usually figure out how fancy a restaurant will be by looking at menu prices 😉

-Pack 1-2 bikini covers. A mistake I’ve made is packing only 1.. When you’re living in your bikinis for the week, you’re swimming in the ocean, drying off, throwing on your cover & heading to lunch. After a couple days, they start to smell like the ocean, which isn’t very pleasant when it’s on your clothes! haha. I don’t do laundry while traveling so using 1 for a couple days, then using the 2nd for the rest of the time is perfect! Plus they’re so nice to just throw on when heading to lunch on resort property!

-Pack more casual clothes. I’ll pack 1 pair of jean shorts & a few cute tops to go with it & I will be an outfit repeater. Listen. It’s Hawaii. No one is fancy outside of the resort. We like exploring the island, spending time in different local restaurants, walking around to local shops, etc. Jean shorts & a cute loose crop top are perfect for that.

-Research what you want to do ahead of time. Do you want to hike? Pack comfy tennis shoes & an outfit you don’t mind getting sweaty in. Want to surf? Pack a rash guard. Want to snorkel? More bikinis pls. Wanna whale watch? (Please do!) But pack something comfy & that you don’t mind getting a bit wet from wave splashes on the boat. We usually plan for 2-3 days just staying at the Resort the whole day then research what we wanna do the other days & pack accordingly.

Things you might not think to pack

A ball cap: I made a mistake not bringing one to HI a couple of years ago & ended up with a burnt forehead! haha. Not a cute look when the rest of your face is just tan 😉

Reef Safe Sunscreen: Make sure you pack one without oxybenzone and octinoxate as they have been banned in HI for killing reef. Brands like Babo Botanicals & SunBum are reef safe, better for your skin & still protect you from the sun!

32 oz water bottle:
I love packing a water bottle because it’s something you can drink while on the plane & it helps you get your water intake up! When traveling, you’re most likely eating higher sodium, in the sun & having a few cocktails & you don’t want to risk being dehydrated! By keeping the water bottle with you, you don’t have to ask for plastic bottled water, you’re lowering your chance of bloating & preventing yourself from feeling sluggish! I love my 1st Phorm water bottle. This specific one has a clip for my bag when walking through the airport or clipping onto my beach bag!

Jeans & Cardigan:
Restaurants in Hawaii are open & have outdoor seating a majority of the time so it can get chilly when the sun goes down & the breeze picks up especially when your restaurant is directly on the beach! so I like packing jeans, a bodysuit & a cardigan just in case it’s cooler one night.

Putting your makeup/face wash/face lotion & extra clothes in your personal bag: After flying, you can feel kinda ‘gross’ so I love washing my face 30 minutes before landing & putting my makeup on so I feel fresh when we land! I think it’s helpful to have a change of clothes too so you’re not sitting in the same ones for hours!

What I’m packing for this trip

I recommend checking the weather when you’re a couple days out! I’m packing according to what it will be like: 75-83º during the day, 70-71º during the evening!

2 outfits for our fancier dinners
Palm Leaf Maxi Dress
Nice romper

3 outfits for casual resort or local dinners
Maxi Dress
2 piece floral skirt & crop

pair of jeans
1 body suit (that I know I can pair with my jeans or shorts)
pair of jean shorts
pair of comfy shorts to wear to breakfast/to lounge in
a few comfy crop tops to go with shorts (I love Love Fitness Apparel’s)
pair of joggers (I loveLove Fitness Apparel’s)
comfy hoodie for lounging before bed or cool morning beach walks 🙂
ball cap
swim covers
pair of PJs
Flip Flops
1 pair of nude sandals
1 pair of heels

Gym Clothes
I don’t know about you, but I love working out while on vacation! I’m so much more motivated to get a workout in because I’m in a new environment & who doesn’t want to workout while looking at the ocean 😉 I recommend checking out what workout classes your resort has to offer & pack accordingly! Our resort has complimentary workout classes daily & I’ve scheduled yoga on the beach every morning at 7AM. I prefer doing yoga in leggings & sports bras so that’s what I’m packing!

I love packing as light as possible when it comes to beauty products. I’m not big into wearing lots of makeup & only wear it for dinner in Hawaii anyway! So I’ll pack light & make sure to pack my travel bottles with shampoo, conditioner & sprays. I don’t worry about body wash or lotion because the resort always has that in the rooms 🙂


Foundation (I’m obsessed with this one, such good coverage in 1 product!)
Brow Pencil
Contour Kit ( small & colors are buildable!)

Everything I’m bringing can be found here if you’re interested in brands! Otherwise:
Face wash

Travel hairspray
Wet Brush
Wide toothed comb
Curling iron

Lipbalm (my favorite is Hawaiian Bath & Body)
extra pony tail holder
Eye makeup remover pads
2 safety pins (ya never know)
Travel size tums
You might think I’m crazy for packing supplements but there are some I just can’t go a day without! When packing supps for vacations, I look at where I’ll be eating & what I’ll be doing. I’m not going to lift weights in a gym, so I won’t need my post workout stack, eating healthy in Hawaii is pretty easy so I’m not bringing my level-1 protein. On our cruise in December, I was thankful I brought my level-1. The eggs were making me feel sick because I found out they put “milk powder” in the them & it was bugging my stomach! So my Level-1 gave me some protein I wasn’t getting through my food 🙂 I’ll bring the scoop & put powders in baggies or Tupperware & capsules in a vitamin sorter!
What I’m bringing for supps on this trip:

Opt-greens 50: Gives my body 50+ superfoods, 11 full servings of fruits & veggies, antioxidants, probiotics & digestive enzymes, boosts immunity, promotes clear skin & more! I’m bringing this because while I’ll easily eat healthy in Hawaii, we love ordering dessert & appetizers like calamari. Sometimes veggies will be fried in oil & butter & I won’t know so the probiotics & digestive enzymes will help my digestion & keep bloating away the entire time! Which is what I need especially if I’m living in a bikini 😉

Level-1 Bars: Low temperature baked, 20g of protein, 1g of sugar, use full bar as a meal replacement or half of a bar for a snack! I love these because they taste amazing, are perfect for the airport or while I’m on the plane & can’t get something healthy!
*With every order from 1st Phorm over $50, you get a free bar as a sample! Order some Opti-greens through my link for free shipping & you’ll get a bar :)*

Cor-21: Naturally lowers Cortisol Levels, reduces stress induced fat storage, helps you wake up more refreshed & ready to conquer the day, helps you have a more restful sleep. Cor-21 has helped my anxiety & moods for the following day which has been amazing! I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks now & plan to travel with it because it can be stressful on the body to adjust to time change, diet changes etc. Flying stresses me out so it’s going to be good to have 🙂
Misc items:
Going in my personal bag along with makeup & extra clothes 🙂 

Nook (It’s an 8.5 hour flight & it’s easy to get bored so bring a Nook or books!)
Non-blue tooth headphones (these plug into the TVs on the seat in front of you! The airplane provided ones suck usually haha)
Snacks 😉 (Granola bars, level-1 bars)
Passport & wallet (you want easy access to them!)

That’s all I got you guys! To see more of our vacation tomorrow through next week feel free to follow my insta @fitblondeandfabulous!

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