1st Phorm’s Fat Burning System Review

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If you’ve been following my Instagram (@fitblondeandfabulous), you know that I’ve been pushing myself a bit harder to get more definition in my stomach & lean out a little before our trip to Maui! We leave in 3 days & I’m so excited! We’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa so I’ll be doing a resort review over this one so be on the lookout! I’m ready to get out of cold & snowy Minnesota & have a Mai Tai!

Since I got great results from 1st Phorm’s Royal 21 Queen System I thought it would be helpful to do a detailed review on how long I took the products, how I used each product & what they are/do & what my diet/workouts looked like!
I get asked about this system quite often & while I am educated on the products themselves, I wanted to be able to give better feedback by trying them out!
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First things first..
What is the Royal 21 Queen System?
The Royal 21 Queen System is 1st Phorm’s fat burning system! This is a 24 hour system, which sets it apart from other fat burners out there! Each product has been scientifically tested & proven to work to boost your metabolism, increase daily caloric expenditure, curb cravings, improve your sleep, digestion etc!

This system contains 3 products: 

Queen: Specifically designed for the female body with key ingredients to help give you more energy during your monthly cycle, lower water weight, lessen mood swings, curb sugar cravings we tend to get at night time & during our cycle. This product is going to help keep your metabolism on fire all day!
Thyro-21: Provides your thyroid with nutrients to keep it healthy & functioning properly,  helps regulate blood sugar & prevents insulin spikes that result in fat storage, helps your body use glucose (carbs) for energy rather than storing it as fat, & helps cognitive function & focus. This is a product that you won’t “feel” working, but it’s working behind the scenes! Your thyroid regulates how much fat your body stores & loses & by giving it the nutrients it needs from Thyro-21, it’s going help let your thyroid know that it’s okay to let go of stored fat. (This will not mess with your thyroid’s ability to produce hormones)
Core-21: Helps you unwind before bed, get into a deeper REM sleep, recover better from your workouts overnight, wake up feeling more refreshed, contains digestive enzymes to improve digestion as you sleep & naturally reduces cortisol (stress hormone) over night. Any emotional or physical stress (even working out intensely) can cause extra fat storage. It’s just your body’s way of survival! By taking Cor-21, you’re helping lower cortisol levels so your body feels comfortable letting go of stress induced fat & feels ready to conquer the following day!

Who Can Take the Royal 21 Queen System?
Anyone who already has a solid training plan & good nutrition but wants that extra push toward their goals! Nothing works unless you do, so that’s why it’s important to already have your nutrition & workouts on point. If you’re not working out & eating healthy, you’re not going to get the best results possible!

How To Take the Royal 21 Queen System?
Because this is a 24 hour system, you are taking products in the morning, afternoon & evening! All 3 products are meant to be taken 5 days on, 2 days off.
*It is recommended that you drink 130oz of water each day when on this system*

How Did I Take The Royal 21 Queen System?
I was on the system for 6 weeks! I chose to take it for only 6 weeks simply because I didn’t have much fat to lose. I just wanted something to give me that extra push toward my goal of having more definition in my stomach!

To test my tolerance as Queen does contain caffeine I only took 1 Queen & 1 Thyro-21 in the morning with food for the first 2 weeks & I could still could feel a difference in my metabolism. The final 4 weeks, I felt comfortable to take 1 Queen & 1 Thyro-21 with lunch & decided to start taking it as directed (30-45 min before a meal!) by week 3. I’ve tried other fat burners & THROWN UP without food in my stomach so I was a bit nervous, but these products are gentle so I was fine! By taking them before my meals, I could feel the products in my system a bit more which I honestly loved haha, I had a greater energy boost without food in my stomach first! I noticed that it better curbed my night time cravings by taking it as directed (before a meal), not sure why that is.. but it’s what I experienced. For Cor-21, I only needed 1 capsule the entire 6 weeks as well as Brian who is over 6ft tall & 200lbs of muscle! You can take up to 3 at a time, but everyone is going to be different!

My Diet & Workouts While Taking the System:
It’s important to understand that nothing works unless you do! Taking the Royal 21 Queen System will speed your metabolism & increase how many calories you burn through the day so you could see some small changes but you won’t get the best results unless you’re eating clean & have a solid workout program! I’m sharing my deets below:

I don’t eat a restrictive diet, but I chose to eat clean 90% of the time, which meant that once a week I had 1 unhealthy dinner, 1 big unhealthy snack each week (not the same day) & a small dessert every night after dinner. That’s how I balance my meals, but balance looks different for everyone! My unhealthy dinner is always & forever Pizza Hut haha, my unhealthy snack go-to is TONS of caramel corn mixed with extra buttery homemade popcorn! While popcorn isn’t considered unhealthy in my opinion, adding extra butter & sugar filled caramel corn is. I love this for Bachelor Mondays haha. For my small dessert every night, I would have a couple cookies or my favorite vegan chocolate bar!
All of my meals contained 15-20g of protein (this is the recommended amount for a woman to keep her body in an anabolic (fat burning) state), a healthy carb source such as oats, sweet potato or brown rice & fruits or veggies! I noticed that I was hungrier while on the system so I made sure I was eating 4-5 meals every day & making the best choices I could for my goals! I chose to track my calories/macros for 6 weeks & kept a 100 calorie deficit the entire time. I was a lot hungrier on the system so I knew I wouldn’t want to go any lower than that in terms of calories!

I chose to train 5 days every week. It’s just what worked with my schedule!
I lifted weights all 5 days & incorporated cardio 2x & worked my core 2-3x per week!

Other Supps I Took While on the System:
Opti-Greens 50: Gives your body over 50 superfoods, 11 servings of fruits & veggies, antioxidants, digestive enzymes & probiotics. I LOVE this in a smoothie or a glass of cold water.
Level – 1 Protein: Helps get your protein in & keep your body anabolic! I don’t eat a lot of land animal protein anymore, I love my fish but with breakfast + snacks it’s great to have on hand. Especially when I’m running late 🙂 Level-1 is a slow digesting protein so it’s going to help keep you fuller for longer!
Post Workout Stack: Helps your body begin the muscle repair process immediately! The post workout stack contains Phormula-1 (quick digesting protein) & Ignition (glucose supplement). When paired together, Phormula-1 & ignition help begin that muscle repair process right away by first replacing glycogen stores lost during your workout THEN using the protein to repair muscle! Did you know that ONLY having protein post workout doesn’t have the same effect? Without the added carbohydrates, your body will actually convert some of that protein into glucose first to replenish the glycogen stores, so you’re not getting that 20+ g of protein you truly think you are. The post workout stack prevents that & swear by it for better muscle recovery & growth!
BCAA: Branch Chain Amino Acids: the 3 essential amino acids our body needs to operate (Leucine, Isoleucine, & Valine). These 3 help increase muscle protein synthesis, increase muscle growth & help to decrease muscle fatigue. BCAAs also work as anabolic agents to maximize fat loss & minimize muscle loss.

Do’s & Don’ts While on the System:
– Drinks lots & lots of water! I was having 130oz every day, which might sound crazy but I was a lot more thirsty. I carried around a 32oz water bottle with me & kept track of how much water I was having by remembering how many times I refilled it each day! I found it helpful to drink an entire 32oz every 3 hours that way it’s spread out & doesn’t feel like a HUGE amount. If you refill your bottle 4 times, that’s already 128 oz! I also love drinking through a straw, I feel like that helps me drink more haha. Crystal Light & sparking water helped me out as well. I was also having non caffeinated tea 1-2 times each day to help get my water intake up!
– Eat when you’re hungry! I could tell that Royal 21 Queen System boosted my metabolism a ton. I did create a 100 calorie deficit but listened to my body, if I was extra hungry that day thanks to the system & an intense workout, I ate! I just made sure I was picking HEALTHY choices.

-Have coffee or pre-workout. You’re already giving your body a good amount of caffeine from Queen & too much will be hard on your body. Because they are 5 days on, 2 days off, I was taking pre workout only on the weekends.
– Deprive yourself. You will be hungrier & while it’s important to choose healthy options, having a small dessert every night won’t hurt you. It’ll help keep you sane 😉
-Take Thyro-21 if you have Thyroid issues without speaking with your doctor: No one at 1st Phorm is a doctor 🙂 We don’t know your condition or how Thyro-21 will affect your thyroid if you’re on medication to balance it! Always talk to your doctor first!
-Take the system if you’re pregnant! I feel like this is self explanatory, but just in case 😉

How I felt during my 6 weeks on the system:

I felt really really good! I had great energy all day, even when I woke up in the morning, I was well rested & had improved moods! I was definitely happier all day 🙂 I’m extremely happy with my results as well, I knew I would see results, I just didn’t think I would see as big of a change as I did in a short amount of time!
I Had:
-Improved energy
-Less cravings for sweets
-Sped metabolism
-Slept really well
-Really great gym recovery
-Lowered water weight especially during my cycle
-Better moods during my cycle
-less anxiety the following day (thank you Cor-21!)

Interested in trying Royal 21 Queen?
1st Phorm offers a 30 day 110% money back guarantee! If you decide a product isn’t for you within 30 days, send it back & you’ll receive 100% PLUS 10% of what you paid. 1st Phorm knows that their products are the highest quality & believe in them that much that they’re willing to give you more than you paid!
You can buy the entire system here.
It’s usually $179 but right now it’s $119!

Want just Queen & Cor-21?
Buy that here!

Want just Queen & Thyro-21?
Buy that here!

Purchase Only Queen
Purchase Only Thyro-21
Purchase Only Cor-21

How Do I know when I should try the system?
You should have a consistent workout schedule & be eating healthy a majority of the time first! Gut health & post workout nutrition are very important for fat loss as well so I recommend purchasing Opti-Greens 50 & the post workout stack before any other supplement from 1st Phorm. Those two supplements truly changed the game for me & helped me have a healthier metabolism & lose fat that my body was holding onto.
Here is a transformation photo from September 2018 (6 months ago): I started taking the opti-greens & post workout stack religiously in addition to eating healthy & working out 5x per week!
Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 11.08.58 AM
That’s all I got for you guys! Have any questions on the system? Shoot me a comment below, an email at mollymhelgren@gmail.com or a DM on my Instagram here.
I’m always happy to help other feel their best & most confident!

Need help finding a workout program or meal plans?
You can sign up here for a FREE account through 1st Phorm where you’ll have access to workout programs for different goals created by personal trainers & meal plans for your specific goals created by registered dietitians!
Sign up here!
No catch! 1st Phorm just loves helping others THAT much 🙂

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