My Secrets to Building a Booty

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.46.10 PMBefore we get into anything at all.. Let’s just address the fact that I thought that dying my hair brown & picking THAT as a Halloween costume was a good idea….
Now that we’ve all laughed & made fun of me, let’s get to business.

I didn’t always have a peach. I had been known as the girl with the pancake booty growing up. I always wished I could have a booty like Nikki Blacketter. Don’t we all though?! Over the last 2.5 years, I’ve learned that biggest things are consistency, picking the right workouts & properly fueling your body with your nutrition!
I’m bringing you my top 3 tips to sculpting your gorgeous peach! I’m even including one of my favorite lower body workouts for ya!

First things first.. Let’s learn about the booty:
Your booty is is made up of three different muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.
Gluteus Maximus: The largest muscle in the booty. Responsible for getting you through compound movements like squats + deadlifts. It’s also responsible for any backward movement like glute kickbacks.
Gluteus Medius: This guy is located below the Gluteus Maximus & is responsible for any rotation or moving your leg away from your body. Think abductor movements & side lunges!
Gluteus Minimus: The smallest muscle of the glutes, located under the Gluteus Medius! This one is responsible for helping the Gluteus Medius with certain movements like those abductors or side lunges!

1.) Pick The Right Workouts
I’m sorry girls, but body weight squats are not going to cut it. Want to grow your muscles? You need to pick up some weights. I’m not saying you have to throw 150lbs on a squat rack & go to town, I’m saying that you need to add some form of resistance to tear down the muscle fibers so that it can repair & grow! Want to know a secret? I’ve only barbell squatted 3 times in my life! Now, it’s a personal choice, but in college when I started my fitness journey, athletes & bodybuilders were always hogging the squat rack at the gym, so I improvised with dumbbells. The point is that you don’t NEED a squat rack to build a booty, you can do it with dumbbells & machines if you choose! It’s all about adding a form a resistance & isolating that muscle! Pick a weight that is challenging but you can do the exercise with proper form. I love adding booty bands for some added resistance. I always start out by warming up the muscle (as you should with all workouts) with some body weight squats, lunges etc, then once I’m warmed up I’ll begin my workout with compound movements then move on to isolation exercises to really work & burn out the booty! I’m showing you one of my lower body workouts from my Dumbbell Only Workout Program that works out all three muscles of the booty for the best results! You can easily do this workout at home or in the gym. If you’re interested in purchasing the program, you can do that right here! Workout is at the end of this post!

2.) Consistency
Want to see results? You’re going to have to work that booty 2-3x per week, girl! Working it 1x per week, isn’t going to cut it for the results you want. 1x per week adds up to a couple times per month compared to working it 2-3x adds up to 8-12x per month! If you target your glutes & work dat booty, it WILL respond. If you find you’re too sore to work your booty more than 1x per week or even more than 2x per week, make sure you’re staying hydrated, eating enough to fuel your body & foam rolling often (I do this every day, whether I work my lower body or not & it’s made a huge difference!). Post workout nutrition is also key to seeing results, which brings us to tip number 3:

3.) Recover Properly with Nutrition
Proper nutrition is the key to reaching any goal! If we’re eating crap, not only are we going to look like crap, we’re going to feel like crap. Not only should you be focusing on eating clean foods & having proper post workout nutrition, you should be making sure you’re eating enough! It’s easy in our busy lives to under eat accidentally but in order to grow & repair muscles we need to EAT! Eating in a caloric deficit will not help you build muscle!
It’s important to refuel those muscles with at least 20g of a complete protein (protein containing all 9 essential amino acids) within 30 minutes of completing your workout. This is because within the first 30 minutes, your muscles are the most susceptible to absorbing all of the nutrients to repair & strengthen! My favorite way to repair my muscles post workout is with the Post Workout Stack from 1st Phorm. This stack contains 2 supplements: Phormula-1 & Ignition. Phormula – 1 is a 100% whey protein isolate that is digested & absorbed quickly within the body & contains all essential amino acids. Ignition is a glucose supplement meant to replace glycogen stores immediately post workout & contains vital vitamins & minerals your body needs post workout to repair & also for daily health! Why should you have these together? When we workout, our bodies are tapping into our glycogen stores & tearing down our muscle fibers. The only way to replace glycogen stores is with glucose aka rapid acting carbohydrates! If you’re like me.. you used to ONLY have protein post workout but by having ONLY protein, your body will actually convert some of that protein into glucose because the first thing your body wants to do is replace those glycogen stores! So those 20+ grams of protein you think you’re getting.. your body is not actually using for muscle repair. It’s just your body’s way of survival! Our bodies use carbs for energy & our brain literally runs on glucose.. So it makes sense right? But by combining Phormula-1 & ignition post workout, you’re beginning the repair process immediately post workout! Since starting this stack post workout, I’m not as sore & I can now train my lower body 3x per week, when I only could 1-2x before. My results in the gym are better, I don’t struggle losing fat & I get a nice energy boost from the instant glucose going into my system! This stack is the only stack that’s not able to be replicated from whole foods, which is why I love it & trust it so much! If you’ve ever wanted to try this post workout stack, you can shop for it through the link here! My favorite flavor of Phormula-1 is hands down Loop D Fruit! It’s amazing & tastes EXACTLY LIKE Froot Loops. This is an affiliate link & I do make a small commission if you shop through it! By shopping through my link, you always get free shipping which is awesome! But no hard feelings if you choose not to use my link 🙂 1st Phorm (& myself!) believe in the products so much, that they offer a 110% money back guarantee if you decide a product is not for you!

Lower body workout from my program!
All you need is a pair of dumbbells & booty bands

Warm up:
3 rounds 10 reps
Use body weight & complete as a circuit
You can put a booty band around your thighs for added resistance

Body weight squats

Crab Walks

Deadlift (use light dumbbell or perform using no weight!)


Each exercise is 3 sets of 10-12 reps, keep core engaged! DB = Dumbbell

Squat (1 DB on each shoulder, don’t go TOO heavy, we don’t want to risk bruised shoulders!)


Curtsey Lunge (hold DBs if desired)

Glute Bridge + Glute Bridge Pulses (do 10 pulses after finishing 10-12 reps! Put DB across your hips for extra resistance and/or put booty band around thighs!)

Lying hamstring curls (put a paper towel under each foot!)

Superset the following (Meaning you perform these back to back!)
Do 10 glute kickbacks on your right leg, then do 10 abductor kicks then switch to your left leg!

Standing Glute Kickback (Booty band around ankles!)

Standing abductor kicks (booty band around ankles)

That’s all I got for you guys, I hope you find this post & the workout helpful in some way!



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