Guide to Packing For A Cruise!

Hello again, back with another travel post!
Tomorrow we leave for FL for a few days then another Caribbean Cruise & I cannot contain my excitement. If you’ve ever wondered how the heck we travel so much.. You can find that blog post Here! It’s currently a winter wonderland here in Minnesota, but who would expect anything less? Brian just finished his last final & now we can hop on a plane to do what we do best.
When I packed for our last cruise.. I 1000% over packed. It was our first one so I didn’t realize what I would or wouldn’t need so it was easy to over do it! But I’m bringing you this guide in case you head out on a fun cruise & are unsure of what you should pack!

1. Dinner Clothes
When you’re on a cruise, the only “nice” clothes you truly need are for dinner. I made the mistake of packing clothes for dinner AND lunch time. Mistake number 1 here. Breakfast & lunch are buffet style, you don’t need to be dressed up, you just need to be dressed! Since we were out by the pool every day until lunch, I just threw on a bikini cover up when we went to eat, which was perfect since we went out by the pool again afterwards! My rule is: 1 outfit for every night of your cruise! I chose to pack dresses & rompers since  there is a dinner dress code & they tend to be “smaller” & easier to fold up into a suitcase. I did throw a pair of jeans & a couple body suits into my suitcase in case we go & do something after dinner & I don’t want to be in a fancier outfit! It can also get a bit chilly in the dining room so I find it helpful to pack a neutral cardigan that goes with every outfit!

2. Shoes
Here’s my thing. If your shoes won’t be worn with more than 2 outfits.. don’t waste the space in your suitcase! Typically, I’ll pack 3-4 different pairs of shoes! Heels (3), sandals (1) & the gym shoes I wear to the airport! Which brings me to my next thing:

3.) Gym Clothes
Haha lol okay Molly. No one works out on vacation.

Listen Linda. Here’s the deal. Working out is a part of my LIFESTYLE. It’s not something I do specifically for an event or vacation. If I only trained to be lean for a vacation, I wouldn’t train all year round! I workout because it gives me more energy, helps me sleep better, be more productive throughout the day, etc. The list could go on! On our last cruise, I chose not to workout. I didn’t realize that cruise ships have full gyms with treadmills, machines, free weights, the whole nine yards! Because of that by the end of each day, I felt pretty sluggish & just felt.. blah. My goal is to feel good through the entire trip! Plus.. they offer FREE workout classes, who doesn’t love that?!
For workout clothes, I try to pack tank tops & shorts only because they take up less space! Some leggings have a bit of a thinner material than others (my Love Fitness Apparel ones are perfect for this!) so I’ll pack 1-2 pairs of those!

4.) Lounge clothes
This was something I got right on our last cruise! I made sure to pack a sweatshirt, sweat pants, a pair of comfy shorts & a t-shirt or two! Not only can it get a bit chilly in the morning/evening, we did have a couple nights where we watched a movie on the top deck of the ship or went to the arcade rather than going out to a show or the bar area!

5.) Hygiene items
Best advice here: miniature everything. Target has the BEST travel section. Tiny shampoos, conditioners, brushes & combs, sunscreen, body washes, makeup remover wipes, toothbrushes/toothpaste, lotions, q-tip holders, etc! Not only are they cheap, they’ll take up less space in your bag! I even was able to find tiny dry shampoo & hair spray. As for makeup, I bring the least amount that I can, a small eye shadow palette with multiple colors for different looks (I love Maybelline Blushed Nudes), my foundation powder, a small contour kit, some mascara & my brushes! Really the only time you’re going to be wearing makeup is at dinner so I never think it’s necessary to pack a ton of makeup!

7.) Misc items
These are a list of other items that I packed that are probably obvious but just in case, I thought it would be helpful!

A hat & extra hair ties: it’s SO windy on the top deck by the pool, especially in the middle of the ocean! This helps so your hair isn’t a rat’s nest!
Bandaids: Listen. I don’t wear bras. The Lord blessed me with boobies smaller than an A-cup. I literally wear a sports bra, bralettes or.. BANDAIDS on da nips. So TMI but like.. so genius! I love backless tops & these are the cheaper alternative & take up less space than sticky boobs!
A wristlet or 2: When you’re heading to dinner, a show, the pool, etc. You want something to throw your phone, ID & Sea Pass Card in! It’s helpful & takes up less space in the suitcase to have a cute one for dinner & a basic one for the pool!
Bikinis!: DUHHHH right? We’ll be traveling for 9 days.. Am I packing 9 bikinis.. Nah. Instead I packed a couple more tops that match different bottoms so again, takes up less space & also doesn’t look like I have to be Lizzie McGuire & repeat an outfit (jk kind of)
Headphones: It’s nice to listen to music if you’re heading to the gym on the cruise, but also by the pool if you’re chilling & want to read or just relax! There’s so many people, it can get a bit loud!

6.) Supplements
You might think it’s a bit weird to pack supplements but trust me on this.. Supplements are a part of my daily routine & they SHOULD be a part of yours. If you’re not using protein powder, you should be using a daily vitamin & greens powder. SO many benefits of both! When I miss a day, my body can feel it. When you’re on a cruise, the food is unlimited. Not joking. Breakfast & lunch are buffet style like I said above but dinner is a 5 course meal! You’re eating a ton of food on a cruise honestly & not a ton of it is full of fruits & veggies. That’s where my greens powder & daily vitamin pack come into play! I use 1st Phorm because they’re the only brand that I trust to give me the highest quality of supplements! They’re FDA approved, the greens powder, protein powder & bars are low temperature processed making it the highest quality on the market.
How I pack these: Throw them in a baggie with the scoop & you’re good to go!

Why I’m bringing my Opti-greens & Micro-factor:
These two provide your body with:
-Probiotics + digestive enzymes to prevent me from bloating (this is a miracle worker of the greens! I am NEVER bloated since I started taking this religiously)
-Over 50 super foods
-11+ servings of fruits & veggies that are not our favorite (kale, spinach & broccoli I’m talking to you)
-Boosts immunity
-Fights free radicals in the body
-Daily vitamins + minerals
-More natural energy
-Clearer & brighter skin
-Essential fatty acids

Why I’m bringing my Level-1 Protein Powder
This protein powder is amazing for keeping me full between lunch & dinner. It’s a slower digesting protein that gives your body 23g of protein. Having protein throughout the day, keeps your body in an anabolic state (fat burning). Without adding 15-20g of protein (average for female) per meal, including snacks, our body is put into a catabolic state (fat storing) & no one wants that! Of course I’m going to indulge in desserts, but I’m still going to take care of my body. Rather than having cookies & high sugar options that are available between lunch & dinner on cruises, I’ll be having a scoop of protein! This one is also amazing mixed in water & blends easily without clumps!

Why I’m bringing my Level-1 Protein Bars
The level-1 protein bars have the same benefits as the protein powder, only this time, it’s a full meal replacement! 260 calories, 13f, 19c, 20p! Perfect if there are no options for lunch that I truly want! Last year a couple times, all that was available was chicken strips, fries & pizza.. As much as I love those things in moderation, I don’t every day for lunch. So these are perfect to throw in my bag for those moments! Or if we’re at the airport & I need something healthy, I know what to grab! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Crunch! So so so amazing!

If you’re interested in trying any of these supps, shopping through the link gets you free shipping! Want to try but still not sure? 1st Phorm offers a 110% money back guarantee!

& that’s all I got folks! Thank you for reading my first blog post in a few months! I’ve been working a ton, trying to take care of myself & spending time with friends/Brian but I’m going to try & focus on getting back to it!


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