How To Get Back on Track After Vacation

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The first few days of vaca are fantastic; you’re taking a break from your normal routine, most likely not working out, indulging in treats & feeling so good..
until day 4 or 5 hits & your body is crying for a salad & some serious cardio.

I’m guilty of being way too lazy on vaca, doing the minimum when it come to physical activity & eating wayyy too many servings of junk food & treats. Taking a break from your regular routine is so healthy for our bodies & minds but I definitely would recommend having some fruits + veggies on your vacation! I’ve read that physical activity, even if it’s a jog in the morning, can be beneficial if you’re taking a break from your regular gym routine. Just getting your body moving & blood flowing will make you feel better compared to not doing anything at all!

Unfortunately, not all of us have a desire to workout on vacation. It’s easy to chill by the lake or ocean with a drink in our hand without thinking about moving our bodies. By the time we get home, we feel groggy, bloated.. & like a blob.
I know the feeling & unfortunately I’m feeling it right now, so I’m bringing you my 4 tips to help you get back on track quick!

1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
There’s a good chance you’re coming back home a bit dehydrated from your favorite alcoholic drinks, sodas & even coffee to keep you going. Drinking your water (aim for at least 3-4 liters) will help you de-bloat, your digestion, flush out toxins & keep you feeling amazing! Peeing every hour is worth no longer feeling bloated.

2.) Eat whole foods
Keeping your processed foods to a minimum right after vaca is going to keep your sodium intake low (this will help your bloating) & flood your body with the nutrients it was lacking while on vacation. If you ever crave fruit or even a salad, it’s your body telling you that it needs some vitamins! It’s always good to opt for a side of veggies with your meals on vacation but often they’re seasoned with lots of salt & fried in heavy oils which can leave us feeling crappy. Keep it simple & load up on fruits, veggies & lean proteins!

3.) Catch some Zzzzs
When we’re on vacation, we’re out late getting drinks, having fun with friends or family & not worrying about sleep. We most likely won’t sleep as well if we’re not in our own bed. Get those 8 hours in to help your body recover & also prevent you from getting sick! I’ve come back from vacation & gotten only 5-6 hours of sleep before going back to work & ended up with the flu. My body crashed from constantly going & couldn’t fight anything off! Get that sleep your body is craving!

4.) Sweat it out!
No need to overdo it, if you’re feeling cardio over weights or yoga over cardio, go for it. As long as you get your body moving! Getting your body moving & sweating is going to help you put those extra calories to use & help your body get rid of toxins. I always find that my workouts are so much better right after vacation since it’s flooded with more calories & carbs than I’m used to. Get a good sweat in & I’ll promise you’ll fee better the next day!



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