My Fav Bikinis For $10 & Under!

I know I’m not the only one who loves to rock cute bikinis on the beach, out boating or vacation. I also know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to spend an arm & a leg on them. I see sooo many cute ones, look them up & they turn out to be $150+
I do have one bikini that I’m in love with that I splurged on so I’ll talk about that in the very end, otherwise, I have never spent more than $10 on each one in this post! I’ll link them all below so you can get your hands on these as well
All are from Romwe or Amazon.
*Keep in mind that since I have purchased these bikinis, prices may have changed* is an international site that sells items for cheaper than mainstream sites. From my research I’ve done, a lot of the clothes sold from major online sites are actually made in China/Japan & sold to those major companies for cheap from Romwe. When these major companies get these clothes from Romwe, they are rebranded & sold for double or even triple the price than what the company got them for. Meaning that one of the bikinis I got is listed at $150 on a popular swim site, two others are currently $80 on a different site when I got all for wayyyy cheaper. I have never had a problem when ordering from Romwe. Their clothes come as expected (material is high quality, fits like the size chart states it will etc) & have always come within 5-7 days. I truly recommend ordering from them! Just make sure that you check the sizing chart because some items I’ve had to purchase a large when in US sizing, it fits me like a small would! Just take your body measurements (chest, waist, hips, & glutes if you’re not purchasing a thong bottom). I have also never had an issue when purchasing ANYTHING from Amazon. I trust them & also have gotten everything exactly how I’m supposed to. I recommend going about sizing the same as Romwe, take your body measurements & base sizes off of that!

Flower Print Knot Bikini
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 7.06.59 PM

This one is my FAV. It’s so flattering & comfortable for swimming or lounging. It’s slightly cheeky: enough to be flattering on the booty, but enough coverage that I would wear it front of my Grandma (lolz). I followed the size chart based on my personal measurements, & it fits perfectly. I purchased this one for $8!

Of the Shoulder Leaf Print Bikini
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.39.23 PM
This one is PERFECT for lounging on the beach while on vacation. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in it if you’re going to have your arms through the sleeves. If I raise my arms, the top does ride up. When in Hawaii, I tucked the sleeves into the sides of the strapless top (you couldn’t tell) & snorkeled in it & was fine! The top fits snug enough to where you don’t need to constantly pull it up, which is nice! It is a thong so don’t purchase this for a family vaca lololol. I purchased this one for $10.

Mooskini Floral Swim

This one is one of my favorites to wear, the bottoms are pretty cheeky, the top comes with padding & is adjustable. I love this one for vacations as they’re comfortable enough to swim in or just lounge in! I found that the top is pretty tight so keep that in mind when it comes to sizing! I personally think the bottoms run a bit small as well, so I honestly wish that I would have sized up. Although, I can still wear the suit comfortably, the top and bottom do leave a slight mark on my skin when I take it off.  So it just depends on how you prefer your suit to fit: pretty snug, or some room to move (if that makes sense lolz). I purchased this for $9. It comes in 10 other colors as well!

Wine Red Bikini

This one is sooo flattering and cute, but I found that it runs big. The bottoms are not adjustable and have higher waisted strings, making it very very cheeky, it’s almost a thong so be cautious when purchasing this one! The top comes with padding and is adjustable. I have a 28in chest, so the top has to be tied pretty tight around me but I do love this one! I feel comfortable swimming it, but not going down some water slides or doing cannon balls! I got it for $9!

Lemon Bikini

I love love love this one. Not only is it cute as heck…. but it was $5!!!! Obviously I couldn’t turn it down. It’s a similar style to my Off the Shoulder Leaf print, only it’s not a thong and more cheeky. This one is a lot more comfortable with a softer material. I would definitely feel comfortable swimming in this one as the sleeves stretch a bit more but still hold the top in place.

Mar de Rosas Bikini
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 7.07.38 PM
This is truly one of my favorites that I splurged on. It’s very comfortable, HAND MADE + HAND BEADED which is amazing so you know that no suit will be exactly the same. The suit comes with adjustable bottoms, meaning that I can make them very cheeky or full coverage! It’s one of my favorite things since it can be worn around my grandma or in Hawaii. And if you’ve never been to Hawaii, there is no modesty, people just wear thong bikinis and don’t care. Which tbh if you’ve never owned a cheeky or a thong bikini…. what are you doing? I can’t even tell how much more comfortable they are since you don’t have to CONSTANTLY pick a wedgie every time you get out of the water or stand up. Just being real with you all. I ordered this one about a year and a half ago so I’m not sure if anything has changed.. but I remember being able to base my top & bottom size off of my EXACT body measurements, which made it even easier for me to be okay with splurging! I spent $170 total on this suit & it took a bit to come in as it is hand sewn. My top didn’t come with padding, but from what I see on the site, it looks they do now!

I hope you enjoyed my bikini haul & are able to find some cute ones from the sites listed above or even purchase from the links I listed as well. Happy shopping!


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