Tips For a Flawless Self Tan

Picture this. It’s summer. You have a drink in your hand. You’re having a good time. You’re out rocking a bikini.




(but no really)

We all want to be tan all year round, but you don’t want to lay in skin damaging beds OR pay for a costly spray tan that might not even look great after..


I’m bringing you my cheap, streak free, amazing self tanning routine that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do!
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 8.26.30 PM

First things first, Exfoliate: 
We gotta exfoliate & get rid of all of our uneven skin that might cause streaking when we tan! My favorite product is Victoria’s Secret Smoothing Scrub Wash. It’s not sold anymore at VS unfortunately.. but I found it on Amazon for you! I love love love this product. it’s by far the best quality in my opinion. You can also use Jergins Natural Glow Primer, I’ve never used it personally, but it has awesome reviews! I do this once a week to ensure I don’t have streaks or look orange when I put on the tan. Also side note, I’ve never had an issue with a blotchy tan if I shave my legs minutes before. I’ve only had that issue with spray tans at a salon!

Second, Picking your products!
I’ve been using Jergins Natural Glow since high school & it’s truly never let me down. I’ve tried every single other self tanner sold at Target (really I have) & I’ve never gotten results as good as Jergins. When picking out a color, I honestly find that the bottle meant for medium-tan skin tones works best. I’ve never looked orange when using this color, but when trying the lightest shade, the fair-medium skin tones, it gave me more of a golden glow compared to a bronze glow when using the medium-tan. My natural skin tone is very very fair for reference. Natural blonde probz amirite?

Third: How I apply each product
Natural Glow Body Lotion: 

I apply this one just as I would a regular body lotion. The color is gradual so when starting out, I’ll use it daily right after I shower until I reach my desired color. Then I’ll use it every other day after I shower. This one DOES come off on my clothes. I’ll wear loose, dark colored clothes while the color sets if I put it on during the morning or I’ll just put on my pjs & let it soak in over night while I sleep! After about 12 hours I notice that it won’t come off on my clothes unless I sweat. Rinse your palms after to ensure they don’t look uneven to the tops of your hands.
Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
This one is amazing if you’re in a hurry. I honestly prefer this one over the body lotion. It works with your wet skin, meaning that once you turn the shower off, you can just put it on right away! It works with the water, so you don’t need to use as much compared to the regular body lotion, making it more cost effective. It is one that you need to make sure you blend evenly as it does soak in VERY quickly! Once you’ve put it on, you just dab yourself dry & that’s it! I notice that this one doesn’t come off on my clothes unless I sweat. Rise your palms after to ensure they don’t look uneven to the tops of your hands.
Natural Glow Instant Sun
This one is perfect if you need a quick tan for an event! It’s a mousse so you don’t need to use a ton + it dries in 60 SECONDS! Color develops within minutes, making it look like you spent a week in the sun. I’ve never once been disappointed by this product. I would suggest being cautious about applying it evenly because it’s easy to see if you put more product on one leg compared to the other. My rule of thumb is: One pump of mousse per body part (lol). One pump for one leg, one pump for the other and so on! Just keep in mind how much mousse comes out for each pump and you won’t have any issues. WEAR A GLOVE WHEN YOU USE THIS PRODUCT. Since it is INSTANT color & you will keep pumping mousse into your hand, it WILL turn your hand a completely different color than the rest of you! I like to apply self tanner to the tops of my hands, but I just do it at the very end & make sure I wash my palms very very well. This is a product that only needs to be used 1-2x per week if you’re planning on using this over the daily moisturizers!
Natural Glow for Face
This is a product that I will use forever. It blends well & I only need a PEA size to cover my entire face. I apply it to my forehead, cheeks, eyelids (I don’t want raccoon eyes okay??), chin & make sure to blend down into my neck so that it blends perfectly with my body lotion. This is one that I use every single day (one time at night) as I wash my face 2x per day & don’t want the color to wash away! I’ve never had an issue with looking orange as the facial lotion gradually builds like the daily body lotion! This one is water based & won’t clog your pores or make you “oily”. It very rarely comes off on my pillow case unless the AC is broken in my apt & I sweat while sleeping (lol it happened once). Otherwise, no issues with it coming off!

Tips For Making Your Color Last + Flawless

1 ) Don’t shower in hot water! It’ll break down the color & cause streaking/blotching. Shower in lukewarm water.

2) Keep your skin moisturized! If you’re using a product like the Natural Glow Instant Sun 1-2x per week, keeping your skin hydrated will make it last longer. Just make sure your body lotion is WATER based, not OIL based. Oil based lotions will break down your color. Just check the ingredient list!

3) DAB your skin dry. Whether it’s out of the shower, lake or sweat at the gym. WIPING will WIPE off your tan! Dab dry & you won’t have color coming off your skin or onto your towel!

4) When applying, work your way up! Start at your feet & work your way up to your face! You don’t want to start on your upper body & risk creases in your stomach from having to bend down & apply it to your legs!

That’s all I have for you guys! I hope you found my tips helpful & now can have a stress free self tanning experience 🙂

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