Love Fitness Apparel Product Review

Hey guys!

It’s about time that I post a product review of Love Fitness Apparel’s clothing line. I’ve been a brand ambassador for them for a few months now & I’ve been loving every second! You can read how I became a brand ambassador for them here!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.27.50 PM

A little about the company:
They are a small family owned company based in Hawaii with the purpose of creating clothing that was going to be versatile to be worn in the gym, running errands, lounging or out with friends. I think they mastered it perfectly! Each of their items are made using water based eco-friendly paints so not only is it carefully hand printed, but each item will be slightly different, making each one a little unique from the next!

I truly love wearing these clothes & these opinions are truly my own. LFA did not pay me to write this review 🙂
Now let’s get to what you want to see!

Before we start:
I thought it would be helpful if I posted my current body measurements, that way if you’re thinking about purchasing, you can compare how sizes will fit!

Chest: 28 inches
Waist (belly button): 25.5 inches
Hips: 32 inches
Glutes: 37.5 inches

White Pineapple Leggings + Sports Bra

The White Pineapple Leggings are one of my favorite items! They are light, stretchy, comfortable & snug. These are also squat proof (hallelujah am I right?). The size small really hugs my hips, not so much that I can’t move comfortably (I can do yoga in them just fine as pictured above), but if you prefer a snug but a bit looser of a fit, I would suggest sizing up!
All sizes will be restocked July 15, so mark your calendars!
These also come in black! Sizes are still available & you can purchase those here:
Black Pineapple Leggings

The White Pineapple Sports Bra is also very comfortable, light & stretchy! It has a criss cross back with removable pads. The thick band provides a snug support without completely squeezing your chest & making you uncomfortable. I love wearing this under other tops or just as itself as a crop! I’m wearing a size small.

Onyx Leggings

Okay not going to lie, these Onyx Leggings beat the pineapple leggings as my favorite. These fit very true to size & I wouldn’t recommend sizing up or down. They have an amazing stretch to them, even more so than the pineapple leggings. The mesh that goes right above your knee is thick enough to make the leggings breathable but not too thin to where I feel like they are going to rip. I think these leggings are SO flattering & I’m obsessed with the bright, fun colors! These are on SALE  still so get them while you still can! You won’t regret this purchase! I’m wearing a size small

Leopard Runners + Be Fearless Tank

The Leopard Runners are PERFECT for lounging or running. They are stretchy, a more relaxed fit, contain sweat wicking material & have a water proof zipper pocket in the back waistband. They have a liner built in on the inside to keep your shorts in place & also making them squat proof. I’m wearing a size small, but I would suggest sizing up if you want to wear these on lower body lifting days. When lifting weights, I felt like I had to worry about making sure my shorts didn’tride up when squating. I have a size medium in the runners that I’ll get to in a second 🙂
Measurements for the size small runners:
11.5 inch length in the front
12.5 inch length in the back
13 inch waistband width
Liner: 5 inch length in the front
Liner: 7 inch length in the back

The Be Fearless Tank is a great top for lifting upper body, lower body, running, yoga or just lounging. I honestly love this one for how light & comfortable it is. It is a racer back tank that reads, “Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” in the center, down the spine of the shirt. I’m wearing a size medium, just because I prefer my tanks to be a looser, longer fit to where you can tell it’s a crop but it’s not revealing my stomach like crazy!
The medium is:
17.5 inches length in front
18.5 inches in length in back
The tank also comes in a Dark Heather Grey

Pink Pineapple Runners

The Pink Pineapple Runners are the ones I have in a size medium! As stated above with the leopard runners, they are a stretchy, relaxed fit, contain sweat wicking material, have a water proof zipper pocket in the back waistband & are squat proof. I personally prefer the mediums as they fit me a bit looser & I can lift lower body in them without having to feel like I need to pull them down. These pair perfectly with the pink pineapple sports bra! In comparison to the small, the measurements for the medium are:
12.5 inch length in front
13.5 inch length in back
14 inch waistband width
Liner: 5.5 inch length in front
Liner: 8 inch length in back

want other colors? 
Black Pineapple Runners
White Pineapple Runners

Palm Tree Crops

The palm tree crops are my favorite lounge tops from LFA! All of them are so light, comfy & soft that I actually like sleeping in them! The Palm Tree Logo Crop in Dusty Blue is their softest tshirt they’ve come out with yet, which was hard to believe because the other ones are already crazy soft! The palm tree logo crop also comes in Navy blue & a Military Green. I’m wearing a size small. Measurements for this crop are:
16 inch length in front
17 inch length in back
This one is a bit shorter than the black Crop (that I’ll get to in a second :)) if you prefer your crops to be a bit longer, I recommend sizing up!

The Black Palm Trees Crop is similar to the the palm tree logo crop, soft, light & comfortable for anything, from lounging to going to the gym, it’s perfect! It also comes in Mauve, if you prefer color over black! In comparison to the Palm Tree Logo Crop, measurements for the small (which I’m wearing) are:
17.5 inches in length in front
17.5 inches in length in back
If you prefer your crops to be more short, I recommend sizing down. Otherwise, this sits perfectly at your hips & is very flattering in my opinion!

That’s all I have for product reviews! I truly do love all of these items & answered them 100% honestly! Summer Collection Part 2 will be coming out soon so stay tuned as I will announce that soon 🙂

If you’re interested in any purchase, feel free to use my discount code for 10% off: “fitblondeandfabulous”
It works on all items including sale!

Thanks for reading!

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