How I Became a Brand Ambassador

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve last posted! By the end of the school year, I was swamped with paper work, studying for my CPT exam & figuring out what my summer work hours were going to look like. I’m excited to be back at it & have some good content in mind for my blog for the rest of the summer!

First things first…
You guys know if you follow me on the ‘gram that I’m an ambassador for
Love Fitness Apparel
I’ve gotten some questions on how I became a part of their company so I thought it would be helpful to create a quick post about it, especially if you would like to be a brand ambassador for a company as well.

A while back I knew I wanted to be an ambassador for a clothing company. You guys know that I LOVE my gym clothes. I’ve shown you all of my beautiful color coded gym clothing drawers on my instagram 😉 I had been contacted by companies before, wanting me to be a brand rep for them. One of my friends told me to just go for it when it came to picking a company because you never know!
But honestly, those companies didn’t feel right. They were larger, more popular companies, some of which girls I know personally are already a part of. I’m so so so happy for my friends of course, but I wanted something different. I wanted to be picky about who I was supporting & I wanted to be a part of a company that had items that I truly loved. I didn’t want to love 1 or 2 pieces, I wanted to love them all. I wanted to ensure that I was being treated fairly as an ambassador & didn’t want to settle.

I asked myself the questions:
What is required of me as an ambassador?
Would I wear every single piece the company sells?
How will I make money from the company?
Can I move up in the company over time?
Is the commission fair with the discount code?
(Rule of thumb is: the discount code should be the exact same amount as the commission, if not more. 10% discount code = 10%+ commission. If a company isn’t going  to treat you fairly & give you that, it is 100% NOT worth it in my opinion)

I emailed back & forth with companies asking every single one of these questions. I tried to negotiate commission if I didn’t agree with it but NONE of the companies lined up with what I truly wanted. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome companies but everyone is going to want & like different things!

I ended up coming across LFA on my instagram explore page & fell in love with their gym wear. I researched more about them, took a leap of faith & sent them an email telling them why I wanted to be part of their company & why I thought they should hire me on as an ambassador. I heard back a few days later & that was it!

From day one, they have treated me fairly & kindly as an ambassador, ALWAYS reply back to me via email within a day if I have questions & leave me feeling like I’m worth something to the company.

It’s truly been amazing to have just gone for it & succeeded. I am not some crazy big social media influencer so it truly shows that the company still values me without a major social media following & also that if you believe in yourself, you can go far!


If you are interested in purchasing clothing from Love Fitness Apparel, you can use my discount code: “fitblondeandfabulous”


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