My Why

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 9.18.28 AMHi all & welcome to the first official blog post of Fit, Blonde & Fabulous! I’m excited to share my recipes, fit tips, workouts, travel adventures & more with you! You most likely found this blog from my Instagram account (@fitblondeandfabulous) or a post I shared on my personal social media, but however you found me, I’m happy you’re here! I first began my fitness based Instagram as a space to post my physique progress & the recipes I love to create.. Mainly because I knew if I wrote these recipes down, I would lose them (Anyone else forgetful?!). A few months, some yummy recipes & quite a few selfies later, I accidentally created a platform that has allowed me to share how I create balance between a full time job & making my physical health a priority, personal struggles of my own fitness journey & how learning to fuel your body with clean foods doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Soon my inbox would flood with questions regarding these things & I’m thankful to have the opportunity to help others with anything from fitness to how I edit my photos to make them bright with popping colors & even to something as simple as how I create my smoothie bowls. I will never claim to be a know – it – all but I love sharing what I do to stay healthy & fit. I realized that those people who asked questions in my inbox, may not be the only ones with the same questions so cue the creation of the Fit, Blonde & Fabulous blog! My goal is to use this space to encourage others to be the healthiest version of themselves whether it’s with their nutrition, their fitness journey or ways to save for a tropical getaway to treat themselves, I got your back! Check back often or sign up for email notifications as I plan to post something new a few times a week that you won’t want to miss!

I’m thrilled to have launched this blog & I appreciate the support as you read & share what I have to offer!


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